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Can a sloth swim?

    Sloths are not natural swimmers and they generally avoid water whenever possible. Their long claws, which are adapted for life in trees, make swimming difficult for them. However, sloths can swim if necessary. They have the ability to move through water by dog-paddling, using their front legs to propel themselves forward. They inflate their lungs deeply to increase buoyancy, which helps them stay afloat. Sloths are surprisingly good swimmers when compared to their sluggishness on land.

    While sloths can swim, they are not well-suited for a life in water. Spending too much time in water can put stress on their bodies and exhaust them. Additionally, the density of their fur when wet can make swimming even more challenging. Therefore, sloths typically avoid swimming and rely on their arboreal lifestyle, where they are comfortable and agile. They move slowly and cautiously on the ground but are exceptionally skilled at maneuvering in trees.

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