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Do koalas eat only eucalyptus leaves?

    Yes, koalas primarily eat eucalyptus leaves. In fact, eucalyptus leaves make up about 90% of their diet. Koalas have evolved and adapted to a specialized diet of eucalyptus leaves, which are high in fiber, low in protein, and contain toxins that are harmful to most other animals. These leaves provide the koala with essential hydration, as they have a high water content.

    Despite the toxins and low nutrient content, koalas have unique adaptations to digest eucalyptus leaves. Their specialized digestive system allows them to break down and detoxify the chemicals in the leaves. Additionally, koalas have a slow metabolic rate and spend up to 20 hours a day resting and sleeping, conserving energy to digest their food properly.

    While eucalyptus leaves are the main staple in a koala’s diet, they may also consume other plant species in small amounts, such as acacia leaves, tea tree leaves, and bark of certain trees. However, these additional food sources are not as nutritionally beneficial as eucalyptus leaves, and koalas primarily rely on eucalyptus for their survival.

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