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How do animals, particularly migratory birds and insects, navigate during long-distance migration?

    Animals, particularly migratory birds and insects, utilize celestial cues such as the sun or stars to aid in their navigation during long-distance migration. They have developed remarkable abilities to detect and interpret these cues accurately.

    Many species of birds rely on the sun as a crucial navigational tool. They use the position of the sun in the sky to determine their direction of travel. By continuously recalibrating their internal compass based on the changing position of the sun throughout the day, birds can maintain a consistent orientation. They can also detect polarized light, which helps them determine the position of the sun even on cloudy days.

    Birds that migrate at night are known to use stars for navigation. They have the ability to identify specific star patterns and use them as a reference point to maintain their course. Some species can even perceive the rotation of the stars throughout the night to stay on track.

    Additionally, migratory animals may also rely on the Earth’s magnetic field in combination with celestial cues. They possess magnetoreceptors that allow them to sense and interpret magnetism. This ability enables them to determine their position relative to the Earth’s magnetic field and adjust their direction accordingly.

    Overall, the use of celestial cues provides migratory animals with accurate information about their position and direction, helping them navigate across vast distances and reach their final destination.

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