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Who is Albert Camus, and what is his philosophy of the absurd?

    Albert Camus was a French philosopher, writer, and journalist born in 1913. He is best known for his philosophy of the absurd, which explores the meaning and purpose of life in the face of its inherent irrationality and lack of objective truth.

    Camus argues that human beings constantly seek meaning and purpose in life, but the universe is fundamentally indifferent and absurd. He suggests that this absurdity arises from the disconnect between our need for meaning and the inherent chaos and randomness of the world. In the face of this absurdity, Camus argues that we must confront it with rebellion and defiance, while also accepting its inherent limitations and recognizing the impossibility of finding ultimate meaning.

    According to Camus, embracing the absurd does not lead to despair or nihilism, but rather to a heightened awareness and appreciation of the present moment. He suggests that we should strive to live authentically and passionately, even in the face of the absurd. For Camus, the absurd serves as a catalyst for revolt and an invitation to live fully, creating our own meaning and purpose in the face of a chaotic world.

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